The Char Siew Noodle ($6.80) has a flavorful combination of garlic, pork lard, char siew and soya sauce gravy that make the noodles simply umami! A mouthful of the QQ texture of the noodles with a piece of tender Char Siew, OMG! It was so heavenly! Next come the steamed pork Siew mai, 3pcs at $4.50. Look at the generous portion of the bright fish roe on the Siew Mai! It brought some crunchiness that feel like dancing in your tongue. The crispy spring roll ($3.80) were very flavorful with the crunchy turnip, black fungus and carrots. However, the spring roll skin was a little too thick. If they put more ingredient inside the spring roll, this will be the best spring roll compared to others. We also ordered the baked BBQ Pork Pastry at $1.50 each. Overall a satisfactory meal with prompt and attentive service. #msqeats #burpple