Even though our last visit was four months ago, the vivid memories and pure joy that we get from each dish was ingrained in our minds and after today, this dining experience tops the previous and the sky is truly the limit to Chef Han’s ingenious interpretations of our local favourites.

Course after course, we continued to be in awe of the flavours and concepts that were presented to us from Chef Han’s Homage to My Singapore menu, with dishes that we sampled for the first time such as the Uncle William’s Quail Egg that is smoked with oolong tea, Ah Hua Kelong Green Lip Mussel that we wiped clean and not leaving any of the fish paste, laksa sauce and taupok behind, Bak Chor Mee No Bak Chor No Mee and the Ang Moh Chicken Rice that pays homage to chef’s popo’s recipe and he uses Toh Thye San kampong chicken in this dish. We ended with a sweet treat of My Favourite Pasar Malam Snacks, an assortment of our local night market with sweet corn, muah chee, cotton candy, biskit piring and sorghum.
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