For a hearty dish, try out the new Love Handle Fried Chicken ($16) of two fillet pieces of buttermilk fried plant-based chicken served with a gochuhang mayo and kimchi on the side. The texture and flavour of the plant-based chicken tasted very similar to the real meat, but my only qualm was that the batter couldn’t hold onto the plant-based protein well as it came off quite easily.

Probably our favourite from the meal was the Roasted Cauliflower ($12), a huge charcoal-roasted floret served with burnt sprint onion mayo with Love Handle’s chilli mixture. The cauliflower was so good that we wiped the plate clean. For desserts, there are the egg and dairy-free options of Chocolate Mousse Cake with Blueberry Jam ($12) and Oatmilk Pudding with Smoked Fruits and Maple Syrup ($8).
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