I knew I was going to be in for a treat when a Taiwanese accented voice greeted me in Chinese as I walked in. Over here, you place your order at the counter before you are assign a seat/table. And even though I was the first customer of the day, I was still assigned a window sill counter seat.

I ordered their Oyster Pork Intestines Mee Sua ($6.90 for small portion) and Gua Bao ($5.00). First the noodles.

The Mee Sua was served piping hot. The bowl was filled to its brim with starchy brown braised sauce and a teaspoonful of minced garlic sauce topped it. Inside were 4 decent sized oysters and about 8-10 pieces of intestines. The Mee Sua was nice to slurp down, take care not to choke on a hidden piece of oyster or intestines. Savoury by itself, you can add vinegar and/or chilli sauce to it. I did both. The oysters were very fresh and the intestines were very soft and easy to chew on. One of the better Taiwanese Mee Sua I have had in recent years including those in Taiwan.

Next the Gua Bao. For those who are unfamiliar with the name, it is a Taiwanese sandwich comprising of a bun and a piece of braised pork belly. I was pleasantly surprised with my first bite. There was a lot going on in terms of taste and flavours. Upon closer inspection, I found ground peanut powder mixed with fine sugar, pickled sour vegetables and lots of coriander. The choice of the pork belly was clearly the correct cut as it had just the right amount of fatty meat to melt in your mouth.

Lots of other items in their menu. Can’t wait to come back and try their other stuff!

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