Tsujiri shouldn’t be an establishment that would be too unfamiliar to Singaporeans; the Japanese tea-centric concept has been operating on the island for quite a while — its most notable outlet possibly being the one that is located at Clarke Quay Central, which is more a kiosk-style space with outdoor seating that overlooks the bars along the Clarke Quay area. At one point of time, Tsujiri did run another outlet at Centrepoint; that outlet has since shuttered, though it now has two other locations — one being at White Sands at Pasir Ris, while its newest location is within Sengkang Grand Mall that is just above Buangkok MRT Station along the North-East Line. Tsujiri has gone quite a long way from its days at Clarke Quay Central — we really did not find ourselves wanting to write this post if not for us finding out how the Sengkang Grand Mall outlet having quite a wide variety of items on the menu. A location that caters to dine-in with quite a number of seats as compared to their Clarke Quay Central and White Sands outlets, Tsujiri offers its usual Signature Drinks, Sparkling Drinks, Latte, Ice Blend, as well as Bubble Tea and Coffee offerings at their Sengkang Grand Mall outlet. Apart from drinks, Tsujiri’s menu also comprises of a variety of desserts — they have been known for their Shaved Ice, Soft-Serve, Parfait, Shiratama Mochi and Warabimochi offerings for quite a while, though patrons can also opt for a variety of cakes, soufflé pancakes, waffles, Shibuya Toast, Tsujiri Brownies and Volcano Matcha Pudding as well at their Sengkang Grand Mall outlet as well.

We don’t recall ever seeing Tsujiri having a line-up of Mille Crepes, so the range of crepe cakes available at their Sengkang Grand Mall outlet caught our attention as we were going around the mall casually. There are quite a variety of flavours of crepe cake available at Tsujiri Sengkang Grand Mall; that includes the Strawberry Crepe, the Yuzu Matcha Crepe and one that seems to be infused with Houjicha. Our choice of crepe cake on the day which we made our visit to Tsujiri Sengkang Grand Mall was the Black Sesame Crepe — one that had come when a grey aesthetic with black dots speckled all over; quite the look that one would associate black sesame with. Unfortunately, the Black Sesame Crepe seems to have been stored at a temperature that was lower than what should have been the optimal temperature to keep it; something that might have been attributed to how the Mille Crepes are being kept in the same display chiller as other items such as a Mont Blanc and the puddings. The Black Sesame Crepe came with a cream frosting that looked a little dry considering how the cream looked “cracked” like how a Dacquoise would, not to mention the crepe layers did feel a little icy and “watered down” in terms of flavour. The black sesame flavours are not super intense; it does not seem to be intended as such as well, and came with a slight hint of butter cream which we were alright with, though likely not something that sits well with some others. The crepe layers are a little thicker than desired when compared with the likes of Lady M’s Mille Crepe (i.e. the gold standard that most would refer to for Mille Crepes), though wasn’t a thing which we find particularly disturbing — the mix of black sesame and peanuts with salted caramel coated wafer balls were a welcomed addition; something similar to that of local-style Muah Chee. Probably not something which we would go for again considering the experience with the item, though we are definitely intrigued to give their other new creations a go some day!