On the top floor of Beauty World Centre is a hawker centre that has quite a number of noteworthy stalls. Besides the famous Top One Handmade Noodle, there’s a stall that sells pretty good soy sauce chicken rice and noodles. Add on their dumplings too.

For $3.80, be treated to a plate of Hong Kong-style noodles with succulent soy sauce chicken slices that’s been marinated in a blend of herbs and spices, rose wine and soy sauce. I love how fragrant and tender the chicken breast. It’s a plus as it’s common for chicken breast can be tough and dry for soy sauce chicken.

The noodles itself weren’t too bad. Although not the most springy, it definitely wasn’t soft and soggy either. It’s doused with soy sauce and chilli sauce.

I added some dumplings ($1.20). They are handmade every day by the stallholder and they’re so plump and flavourful. Stuffed with loads of shrimp, minced pork and black fungus, any prawn lovers will love this.

Cash only.

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