Mango salad $6.9 by Kelly Y | Burpple

This was excellent value with or without the BURPPLE deal. Pad thai was Yummy with 2 large plump prawns , 1 mussel, some sotong rings and crunchy beansprouts. I also appreciate that they did the burpple deal on takeaways. My family who had the tom yum fried rice said it was good too, albeit quite a lot of chilli padi (despite that she is a big spice eater). Added mango salad as an add on

What I had problems with was the service. Im not the self entitled type who demands excellent service, much less in hawker. However the staff (pigtails) was exceptionally surly throughout ( I wrote it off as busy). But before I placed my burpple order , i told her abt the redemption and asked her to check that my order was valid. In the end she overcharged me $0.9. When asked, she said one of the dishes was not valid for redemption so they gave me the mango salad free instead ( what would they hv done if i didn't order additional mango salad?). However the redemption fulfilled all requirements ( rice or noodle and not in redemption exclusions). And if that were true they could’ve pointed it out when i asked her to check when placing the order? Then she angrily asked me how much i should get refunded and eventually gave me the money. Its good standard for hawker thai, you just need not to care about service and check your bill