We felt a little peckish so like many people there, decided to have some of this famous Korean fish cakes. It was our first time, and we bought a few consisting of: Fried Chilli Pepper ($3.50), Prawn Roll Hotdog ($3.50), Goblin's Mace ($3.50), Shrimp Tang ($2), and Green Shrimp Paprika ($2).

Pictured is the Goblin's Mace, which looked the most appealing and the first we tried. Nothing special, but you can't go wrong with fried potatoes and hotdogs! My favourite was the Prawn Roll Hot Dog, which was one of their bestsellers. Contrary to its name, it didn't actually have a hotdog, but the distinct prawn taste helped to break the slight monotony of the plainer fishcake. I liked the Fried Chilli Pepper as well, which tasted like a fried & generously stuffed Green Chilli sometimes found in Yong Tau Foo stalls. The rest frankly, was quite forgettable, though I guess it's always nice to have a choice of a different fishcake from the usual processed ones.

Honestly, the idea was very interesting, but I was slightly disappointed in its execution. I'd imagine it would taste tonnes better fresh out of the fryer when it's still crispy but the ones we've had lacked that crunch we were looking forward to in our fried fritters. However, I do believe the turnover of the croquettes is high, considering the crowd, and what that we got were very fresh. I bet it'll taste much better if you're taking it home to reheat in a toaster oven, but sadly that would defeat the idea of a street snack eaten on the go.

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