So glad these guys have reopened, and they are located at the same coffeeshop that they used to be at along MacPherson Road. Certainly quite a good plate of wanton mee where the wanton plays an integral role here. Tossed in black sauce, the Wanton Mee here comes pretty savoury with a light hint of piquant spiciness that runs subtly behind the scenes if one opts for chili. The noodles absorbed the flavours of the sauce well; a little softer than my ideal level of springiness but I personally don't find it an issue overall. Both fried dumplings and soup dumplings were stellar — well-packed with a soft bite unlike the usual, slightly firmer wantons we get elsewhere; the crabmeat seems to be in more for the ideal texture than for taste. The fried wantons were delightfully crisp without being too greasy while the soup ones were pretty slurpy. Thought the Char Siew is a tad generic, but I doubt it matters given the focus here are on the wantons and not on meats. Certainly not a wasted trip to MacPherson; it's been long since my last (and first) time!