[Halal] The Ondeh-Ondeh Cake from Coffee Bean is a surprising find. I’ve always low-key had a fondness for Coffee Bean’s selection of cakes, as all of them are embedded with a unique, yet endearing sweetness which has the silent power of a multi-generational appeal. I had opted for no gula melaka syrup that usually comes with this, lest its quality gets lost in it being too sweet. 🤧

Let’s keep it real here – their Ondeh-Ondeh cake doesn’t have a speck of complexity to it. But to make up for that, it possesses an element of authenticity instead. For one, you’ll find that it hits the mark in terms of replication/adaption of taste.

But that begs the question — how come something this straightforward yields a score higher than some others in my catalogue of reviews? 🧐 Because if we think about it in a slightly deeper sense - something that presents itself this simple has probably gone through plenty of refining before it can ever make it to display fridges. In other words, this was one of the prime examples of ‘less is more’. And in turn, it’s something that I want more of. (7.5/10)