Was really pretty glad to hear of the news that Le Matin Patisserie was opening two more outlets when the news first broke out — always wanted to drop by their Raeburn Park spot (since closed) for their bakes ever since our first visit there but also found it a chore to head down to that location since it was a little out of the way; their latest two locations at Robinson 77 (which takes over the former premises of Mellower Coffee) and Porcelain Cafe at The Paragon are definitely more accessible. Headed down to the outlet at Robinson Road since it was bigger (and also wasn’t wanting to drop by a skincare shop to have their bakes, despite the one at Porcelain Cafe being nearer) in the late morning on a weekend and was greeted with a wide selection of sweet and savoury pastries — one display counter being dedicated to the sweet bakes which included the likes of eclairs, tarts and cakes, while the other is dedicated to viennoiserie such as the croissants; the variety being bigger than what was previously offered at Raeburn Park. This outlet also offers the Amazake Soft-Serve as well, where patrons can also opt for the soft-serve to come in either a cup of a croissant cone; beverages include the choice of bottled coffee as well as espresso-based coffee amongst other options.

We made were enticed with the various bakes that they have to offer and found ourselves opting for four items — three of which being sweets while one was a savoury item. The Wagyu & Bone Marrow Sausage Roll was something that really quite stood out amongst the range of viennoiseries offered here — not quite the most affordable of the lot since this pastry is priced at $15.00 alone, though the elements used are not quite common for a sausage roll. Slicing through the pastry, it is noted how the pie pastry is immensely crisp and flaky — there wasn’t much of a need to wrestle with the pastry with a fork and knife since it disintegrated easily; all that whilst being buttery and fragrant. Inside, the sausage roll features a sausage that is made of wagyu beef and bone marrow hence the namesake; the sausage roll is immensely meaty and savoury — well-seasoned for flavour but it was the bone marrow that made the difference here. The inclusion of the bits of bone marrow gave a bit of a crunch for a textural contrast — all that whilst giving somewhat of a nuttiness that rounded off the meatiness pretty nicely. Topped with garlic confit over the top, it provides a soft — almost melt-in-the-mouth, buttery and garlicky note that goes with the meaty sausage fillings; very delicious, and something probably only meant for those with a heavier palate that is willing to explore into something a little more adventurous from the usual.

Apart from the Wagyu & Bone Marrow Sausage Roll, we also tried other items that included the Pain Perdu — one of the items belonging to the new range of breakfast-inspired desserts, as well as the Goat’s Milk Eclair; the latter which we found to be particularly intriguing with a rather evident hint of “gaminess” from the goat’s milk cream filling that was piped within that was well-balanced off with an aptly sweet milk chocolate that adorns the exterior of the eclair. We had also revisited the Canele which we previously had at their Raeburn Park outlet — still as good with its crisp exterior and soft interior despite being of a size larger than usual Caneles sold elsewhere. Le Matin Patisserie has grown a lot since their early days being an online patisserie that has established their presence during the nation’s Circuit Breaker — and the hype comes with reason; being an alumni of various renowned patisseries and restaurants worldwide such as that of Adriano Zumbo Patisserie (Australia), Black Star Pastry (Australia), the now-defunct Restaurant Andre (Singapore), and Noma (Copenhagen), the execution and detail placed in each creation speaks for itself, whilst being consistently satisfying. With the expansion of Le Matin Patisserie, we do hope that the quality of their creations remain as consistent as they were — all that whilst they continue to innovate with the bold flavour pairings that they are best known for. We wish the folks being Le Matin Patisserie all the best in what is to come in the future — would definitely find ourselves back to try the other items such as the Amazake soft-serve as well as the Smoked Cruffin when we drop by in the future!