Char Express takes over Portico Platos at Timbre+, serving up a simple menu of rice bowls and bento sets with their signature roasts and other meats.

The Works come with all the add-ons that are available at only $8.50 — that includes the Prawn Omelette, Dou Fu Dried Scallops, Fish Skin with Sweet Chili (honestly I don't get the sweet chili part though) plus your choice of meat (soy sauce chicken/char siew/roasted pork) atop a bed of rice; a little like economy rice if you put it that way, but definitely gives it the more wholesome feel. The Char Siew is pretty much the same as what one would expect from Char — sticky, sweet glazed morsels of meat that is a mix of both lean and fatty parts for the bite and that melt-in-the-mouth texture for the mor gelatinous parts. The Fish Skin is decently crisp without being overly salty, but totally lacking on the sweet chili (was there even sweet chili in the first place?), while the Dou Fu were bouncy and drenched in a lightly savoury sauce for flavour. Prawn Omelette was pretty standard, while the blanched vegetables was the one I really liked the most; crunchy greens in oyster sauce that is simple but so satisfying.