my current bbt obsession - š‘“š’š’„š’‰š’Š š‘“š’Šš’š’Œ š‘»š’†š’‚ š‘µš’‚š’Œš’Šš’‚š’•š’ from the goodness iā€™d never imagine, a brilliant combination - bite into soft, yet chewy mochi kurano, along with a sip fragrant milk tea. i also loved how the drink was velvety & luscious with the addition of nakiato cheese froth at the top.

honestly, iā€™d have this over the usual tapioca pearls anyday. šŸ™ˆ also, fruce newbie here so fruce fans please drop me some of your favourite mixes so i can try them out. šŸ’–

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