delicious egg dishes. The must order will be the Ultimate egg rice (from $5.80, toppings like marinated salmon/minced raw tuna/avocado and more. The egg is claimed to be very fresh and high sanitised food standard, thus it can be eaten raw. So this Ultimate egg rice is basically rice topped with raw egg and the egg white is whisked, this is why it looks so fluffy. Mix it together with some soy sauce and you can eat it.
I like their seafood tomato cream rice with omelette ($16.80), if you have tried Miam miam’s seafood tomato cream pasta, it’s exactly the same πŸ˜‚. Also tried their Okonomiyaki-style Japanese omelette with octopus ($9.8). every bite is filled with octopus 😍
Tamago-EN is available at Nex, Novena square and now Tampines Mall.