The Primal has beef brisket, which is house smoked. It's pretty tender and the char is so good! There were two hunks of fat chunks on both sides which just melted in your mouth. The brisket was a tad too salty for my liking. The mustard BBQ sauce, gherkins, pickled chillies and cheese might have made the saltiness worse. I chose the garlic bagel and did not regret that! The bagel was generously sprinkled with diced and roasted garlic. The bagel itself however, tasted much like bread with a little bit of chewiness at the edges. A bit too bready. While eating this, there was oil pouring out of every crevice. This was sooo oily! Mind you, it's not the meat or pickle juice. It was oil. Pretty messy to eat, too, as the filling was rather generous.
I'd definitely come back but I won't get The Primal again. I'd try some lighter options or the breakfast bagels. I was struggling to finish this. It would be good to share if not looking for a full meal!

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