This spacious 40-seater restaurant is a labour of Chef Hideaki Oritsuki's lifelong (knife)work and his excellent sushi keeps diners coming back for more. Nestled within ViPod Residences, the restaurant's top spot is a bar seat across from chef Ori — it comes with a conversation with the chef and a good view of his effortless sashimi-slicing. Bring a foodie friend who will match your enthusiasm in the experience. The omakase menu starts from RM350 and is the best representation of chef Ori's prowess. Thankfully, there are also the more affordable lunch sets available from RM128 that will still get you sushi made by the master. Go for the Iga (RM168) that includes eight pieces of chef specialty sushi with appetisers and sides. Hope for the maguro (tuna), horse mackerel and flounder sushi, all to be enjoyed on the chef-curated ceramic ware from Japan — rounded, green plates that are believed to soothe your senses and enhance the dining experience.
Avg price per person: RM180
Photo by Burppler Calvin Tan