There's some quite messy and annoying rules about nasi lemak sets being only available at some levels at some times or sth(the upper and lower levels don't have the same menu exactly)

I tot the rice wasn't special at all, peanuts and cucumbers were decent. Egg wasn't very crispy even tho it's fried on the spot. It's the ikan bilis that's absolutely delicious, quite different from normal, hard to describe but it's more atas and clean tasting yet still very lovably crunchy. Sambal was much sweeter than normal and a lot less punchy due to the amount of caramelised onions inside, I prefer normal sambal that's actually spicy

The otah though. It's very different from normal, there's such a high proportion of meat that's it's more like eating fish than otah. Jizzworthily juicy and packed w umami, really unbelievable

Must try