Take away the instagrammable aesthetics and brightly coloured visuals, the signs were all there when the Curry Fishballs (the only savoury among the tray of 6) was the best item in Jane Eyre’s Six Signs. The Chilled Mango Sago Pomelo Cream 杨枝甘露 and Double Skin Milk were decent but that’s not saying much considering how one-dimensional the rest of the items were. The coconut milk base was flat and pretty diluted in the Blue Crystal Dessert and Taro Cone Coconut Sago, and the taro balls were lacking chew. The Red Bean Paste was promising but could have been cooked longer for a less grainy mouthfeel.

Maybe it’s a branch thing (perhaps the Chinatown branch is better?) or a us thing, but we ain’t vibing man.

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