A 7 course dinner set, feels like an omakase but at the same time not as the serving speed of the dishes is mostly overlapping just short of serving everything at one go! 😅 But wells got it at a 1-1 deal with burpple beyond at Matsuya Dining along Beach Road!

The course started out light and it get heavier towards the end. My favorites of the set got to be the Oyster which was very plump, creamy and citrusy with the ponzu sauce; followed by the Sashimi Mori, with chutoro, tai and hotate sashimi being the leading choices in the platter. The Gindara miso was also torched to perfection. The cod fish was flaky, sweet and savory.

Their chawamushi is only tasty with the compliments of the Ikura otherwise, it’s like steam egg without stock. On the other hand find it a pity I didn’t get to really enjoy the Wagyu Niniku Rice. There’s a nice garlicky fragrance and aroma but the rice was a tad little too oily and the beef slices is a little overcooked to stomach after 6 courses of dishes.

It seems like they do better with their raw fishes and they do seem to have a group of regulars whom will frequent them! Ambiance wise it’s like an inbetween a tradition sake house and a Japanese restaurant. The staffs were pretty friendly too!