You may know Paella, but do you know Fideua? NGL I never knew Fideua existed until I was researching about Spain before my Europe trip last year. Fideua is basically a seafood dish similar to paella, except noodles (think short beehoon) are used instead of rice.

Squid Ink Fideua ($42 for half portion)
Oh this is definitely not for a first date hahaha - you'd end up with really black teeth and lips because of the squid ink, but I definitely enjoyed this one. This pretty huge pan came with clams and Calamari, which were fresh and squid ink seafood flavour was good. Only qualm is I was expecting their Fideua to be drier, and with scorched parts, as the texture of their pasta was a little soft, and slightly wetter for my liking, closer to beehoon texture.