When in need of prosperity, go touch a Golden Dragon. While Golden Dragons might be a myth, perhaps you can try your luck at Kin Ryu Tei. With the kanji words for "Gold", "Dragon" and "Pavillion" respectively, Kin Ryu Tei is one of the fancier looking restaurants but doesn't seem to garner much attention with famous competition such as Rakuzen and Jyu Raku and many other Japanese restaurants in the same row. Interior deco is fancy and gives you the feeling of an expenaive restaurant and they have sea urchin! Lighting is as yellow as the scales of the golden dragon and food pricing is pretty standard to deal with competition.

Salmon nigiri sushi was going for RM 4 per piece and was served with freshly grated wasabi. The salmon tasted fresh, no signs of it frozen as tho it accompanied Captain America in the 1000 yr old freezer.

We also ordered a place of Spicy Spider Roll which was soft shell crab with ikura, some spicy mayo thingy sauce drizzled on top and freshly grated wasabi by the side. It's salty tho. So salty that I'm quite sure while they wanted it to be "ocean salty fresh" this wasn't what they were going for.