As we already ordered the black chicken herbal soup, we decided to order mee sua in another soup base instead! The white mee sua at Seng Kee is a bowl of mee sua served with small shrimps, fish slices, minced pork, egg white and garnished with coriander. The mee sua was served in a pretty thick broth that was slightly sweet, and we loved that the restaurant added a little bit of wine into the broth as well.

The picture shows the medium serving ($9), which we think is just right for 2 to 3 pax. For 2 pax, the serving is enough to fill up two normal rice bowls for each person. The broth is a little thick so it gets pretty filling, hence we encourage you to save enough stomach space for the other dishes! On a side note, the mee sua has also been trimmed into shorter strands, so you can easily eat this dish using your spoon rather than your chopsticks!

Give the white mee sua a try even though it isn't one of the famous dishes at Seng Kee! We think it's underrated but it would probably be a great comfort dish, especially on a rainy day. 😁

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