📍Mr Biryani, 32 Norris Rd📍
💸 Hyderabad Chicken Dhum Biryani: $13.90
💸 Hyderabad Mutton Dhum Biryani: $16.90
💸 Butter Chicken Masala: $14.90
Loved the Hyderabad Biryani from Mr Biryani😍! The rice was definitely the star of the show, as it was super fluffy and flavourful, and the taste of the spices was not overpowering as well🍚. Somehow the rice in the Chicken Dhum Biryani was more flavourful than the one in the Mutton? Hence we preferred the Chicken🍗 more! The meats were good as well, being quite tender☺️. The portion is really big too so do share with a few others. Definitely worth a try if you're looking for some tasty biryani!

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