Been looking for a Thai Kway Chap that can match up to that or Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap’s rendition — came across Hanuman Thai Kway Chap which is opened by the same folks behind Hanuman Thai Cuisine.

While the portion here would possibly work better with smaller appetites, what I really enjoyed here was the broth that the Thai Kway Chap came with. My impression of Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap’s rendition is somewhat clean, but more on the peppery side which gives a fiery kick once the chili flakes are added; the rendition here is still peppery, but a little more balanced with a hint of light sweetness likely to have come from fish sauce that runs at the back of the tongue. As with other Thai Kway Chap out there, the rice noodles are rolled for easy eating; also traps a little bit of that broth for a better flavour as one slurps the rice noodles. A pity that the Thai Kway Chap was missing of my favourite Thai Fish Sausage — the item being unavailable as Thailand’s borders have yet to reopen for exports. That being said, I liked how they had replaced the Thai Fish Sausage with more Deep Fried Thai Pork Belly slices and Thai Boiled Pork Belly — a thoughtful touch especially for those whom usually dislike innards like me; the former was a good balance of lean and fatty meat with a crispy exterior and all savoury, while the latter was surprisingly free from any undesirable porky stench and was exceptionally succulent.

Must say that this was something that I pretty much liked; wouldn’t mind going for the plain Kway Chap to share the sides when I revisit and hopefully the Thai Fish Sausage would be available by then. A place worth making the trip for!

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