This has to be the freshest sashimi I have ever eaten! The toro melts in your mouth literally, and with wasabi, it enhances the freshness of this fatty tuna. While the uni is so creamy, and you don’t even have to chew or even swallow it because it just slides down by itself (it starts melting on the ice bed if we put it there for too long too!).

My favourite part of eating them is to put as much uni as possible onto the crispy seaweed, wrap it and bite it in one mouth!

When we headed over, they ran out of their charcoal calamari, so we ordered the charcoal octopus instead which tasted amazing as well, I love to match it with the japanese sauce given which elevates the pleasantly charred flavours in the octopus.

The Clam Soup gives out a really refreshing taste with the radish and slight orangey-yuzu taste, which helps to clear the palate before our mains.

🀀 5/5
πŸ’Έ $120/pax for their omakase
πŸ“ @nokasg

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