Beauty in a pot@Jewel($101.91 for 2 ppl):
8.5/10 Highlights of the experience are Fish paste, Fried Beancurd Skin & Free Flow Yuzu.
We had Twin pot of Beauty Collagen(rich) & Tomato Corn Broth(sour & refreshing), US sliced beef, Nagano Belly, Spanish Pork Collar, all the meat are nothing fantastic. The condiments and broth together with the meat is what makes the experience so much better. Assorted Balls Platter had meatballs and fishballs that were meaty. Fish paste is chewy and flavorful despite it being ringarde. Fried Beancurd Skin was so crunchy and crispy, they absorbed the broth very well, definitely cooked to perfection. Kelp was thicc and abit like rubber. Rice was meh. Watermelon could be sweeter and juicier, longan was sweet, honeydew was ok and cherry tomato was meh. Free Flow Yuzu was outstanding, it would be the one dish that I would keep asking for more as it is cold,refreshing yet sour, the ice blend was smooth, it had the ice blend texture was it tasted so seamless. There were some misses, but just whack as much fried Beancurd Skin and free Flow Yuzu,worth it.

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