Salmon overloaded. Not only are they popular for their thick cuts of salmon sashimi, but their rolls were also pretty good too! Getting their rolls for half the usual price every (roll with us) Wednesday is a steal.

The rockstar roll combines seared salmon draped over fried cheddar and generously topped with torched mentaiko sauce. While the cheese and mentaiko stood out in this roll, the salmon was also nicely seared. This would be good for sharing as the rich and creamy flavour may get a little jelak to finish alone.

The other roll I tried was all salmon all the time that has salmon sashimi, cucumber and avocado covered with seared salmon and tobiko and drizzled with yuzu mayo.

Rockstar Roll 》$9.95 (U.P. $19.90)
All Salmon All The Time》$9.45 (U.P. $18.90)

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