Yay, finally got my hands on these croissants! Had to order a box of 5 croissants for the free delivery to the CBD today. I got an assortment of flavours to try! πŸ˜‹

(Disclaimer: I was misled into believing it was custard-filled πŸ˜” The filling was actually more like three big spoonfuls of Nutella.)

I won’t deny that this monster sized croissant is gorgeous. Look at that gold dusting!

Taste-wise, don’t expect a very flaky, crispy, buttery croissant with endless layers. This β€˜mochi croissant’ as it is called apparently has glutinous rice flour thrown into the mix. The result is a denser and chewier croissant with fewer layers inside. The hazelnut chocolate is extra rich, sweet and generous. I liked the thick chocolate coating on top, that was a nice touch. For maximum enjoyment, I’ld recommend sharing this with 1-2 other people, and having this with some earl grey β˜•οΈ

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