Not many drink stall in Singapore sell this kind of beverage anymore. Reason is simply there are too many alternative that has make some old school drink disappear.

Tea O limau - translate is black tea with lime. It can be serve hot or cold though and before we have ice lemon tea ; this is a common drink served in Singapore and even in Malaysia. Citing lemon is considered a luxury item that this is how the original citrus tea began.

The tea base is black or red tea and 3 whole limes partially slice and squeeze the juices to infused with the tea. Ironically it must be 3 limes no more or less in order to achieve the fusion of lime and hot tea and stir in a dash of sugar and is a perfect drink in humid weather and to wash down oiliness of food. The same can be serve cold and process is repeated with final step to add in ice but not my preference as it dilute the tea when ice melts.

Do try it next time if you are new to Singapore local drinks

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