Located on the fifth storey of the east-side mall that is Century Square, The MeatHöuse is a Halal-certified casual steakhouse conceived by none other than Chef Benny Se Teo and his team from Eighteen Chefs. Unlike most steakhouses, The MeatHöuse provides diners with a modern casual setting similar to that of a café, perfect for a laid-back afternoon sirloin. Their French Fries with Truffles ($10++) were served with a generous mound of shaved parmesan cheese and discernible bits of truffle. While the anticipated punch of the familiar scent and taste of the occasionally-overused truffle oil was not there, the fries were on a whole new level of flavoursome, maintaining a crisp exterior with warmth and fluff on the inside. I had the Josper Oven-Grilled Striploin Steak with Pasta ($16++), which came with a simply grilled slab of striploin, a salad almost overly-dressed with sesame oil and aglio olio which I requested to be served with linguine rather than spaghetti. Certainly a joint to check out if you’re in the east and looking for a meat feast.