Located a few minutes walk away from Yishun MRT, this Chinese restaurant offers Heng Hua cuisine at an affordable price when compared to higher end establishments like Putien.

For $4.50, the serving of the Heng Hua beehoon was generous - one can find clams, prawns, pork belly, peanuts, tau pok, mushrooms and vegetables to accompany the chewy ultra-thin strands of bee hoon. We also enjoyed the chili served at every table, which was slightly sour, garlicky and does pack a punch.

On top of our mains, we also ordered the deep fried fish that came in three huge pieces. The pieces were well-fried, with crunchy sides and were not overly greasy when one bites into the meat. That said, it can be a bit dry for those who prefer tender and more juicy cuts of fish.

This place is also rather popular so it is advisable to visit during non-peak hours, especially if you’re coming in bigger groups. Other dishes we tried but not pictured were the fried mee sua, oyster omelette and lor mee.

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