My first time trying Greek dishes. Was amazed by the fragrance and freshness of the dishes! Lovely ambience too! Thumbs up! ❀️

- Grilled seabass ($12/100g): we got our fish at 800g. Wanted to tried with salt bake, but require 1hr waiting time, hence we pick the grilled one instead. It was fantastic! Very fresh, sweet & tender. Would definitely come back for this again!

- Paidakia ($40): lamb cutlet, another delicious dish, the spices make it very aromatic. Was real juicy and very filling if you are having it by yourself. Comes with 4pcs.

- Lahanodolmades ($31): great starter/sides to begin with. The lemon sauce brings a tinge of flavor that adds on to the seafood (seabass & crabmeat) wrapped in the cabbage. Something new for me.