"Genuinely best matcha soft serve", least that's what my tongue told me 😌🍵 just look at its color sans filter 💚-💚 vibrant invigorating lush green never fails to make me green with envy 👁👉🏼👅💚 the richness of the matcha along with this week's partner-in-crime, aka Mr Nama 🍫 Last day of this duo combi, I missed out on the last pair which was houjicha & matcha a week ago (seems like I haven't gotten over it yet 😖)

Dragged myself out on the last day of the weekend & travelled the distance to lay my hands on this one to placate myself, especially after seeing posts on it on both ig & burpple, I swear I saw about 10 😳😳😮😜😝😛 before my visit ! I resolutely took these as signs for me to get my hands for this combi on its last day 😁😅😏

This duo combi is a power-packed combi with oozing mild bitterness from its DNA of of paired matcha & dark chocolate 😋😜😝 To date, I have tried the matcha, houjicha & nama 🍫 flavours. They're all 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Am anticipating for the 🐮🍼 soft serve to be dished out again!! Maybe 🍼+🍫=🍦🌓 I'm just sayin 🙃🙂🙂