Chef Jason Tan’s Favourite Vegetable - the prized Cévennes Sweet Onion 🧅 Known for its profound sweetness and unbelievable lack of pungency, this unsung hero of ingredients was explored so thoroughly, revealing so many layers of flavour and possibilities!

🧅They were presented in 4 ‘inspirations’: 🧅
1. Baked Onion Cup - a whole baked onion filled with onion purée and confit, a 62°C soft egg and black truffles. This was an absolute flavour bomb of savoury and sweet flavours, with an air of fragrance between onion and truffle amusing the tastebuds. I took a few bites of the cup too, and indeed the onion was so sweet and had no pungency at all even in such a pure state!

2. Onion Tea - A colossal amount of work goes into this small cup, as 4kg of onions and 2 days of work produce just 200ml of this earl-grey infused onion tea. It is poured into an emulsion of onion purée and cream, creating a dual mix of textures and flavour depth. This was onion soup ultimate EX, and I wish I had a whole pot of it 🥺

3. Onion Chip - Thinly sliced, dehydrated for 24hrs and very lightly salted. This was the chef’s expression of the purity of the Cévennes onion.

4. Onion Tart - Incredibly petite discs of onion confit slow cooked in salted butter for 8 hours, topped with parmesan cheese and extremely crispy!

A stunning dish, which I felt the chef’s passion poured into each component through the painstaking preparation and detail put into each ‘inspiration’. The journey with Cévennes onion was truly memorable, and I can never see onions the same again 🧅

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