Tomato sauce, wild mushrooms, shrimps, capers, rocket, smoked salmon, sour cream and dill.
I added extra smoked salmon for $3 because I like my pizza here extra loaded, and also because it was an incredibly affordable option.
Plank sourdough pizzas are invariably my go-to pizzas, and option 3 is always a must. Took away this pizza to host a dinner meal because pizzas are always welcomed by guests. What I appreciate most about the Plank’s pizzas is the thin crusted sourdough base which is consistently delivered the multiple times I’ve gone. It’s refreshingly soft and fluffy unlike the pizzas served at fast food chains. The toppings on Pizza 3 is a wonderful pescatarian combination with its tiny shrimps and smoked salmon. As above mentioned, I added more smoked salmon, resulting in a generous portion of smoked salmon atop my pizza. I loved how I could take a bite of smoked salmon with each bite, with the occasional shrimp I get on every slice of pizza. The fresh rocket also gave the pizza a good crunch, while the sour cream gave an interesting creaminess with the seafood.