Only serving 1 dish, this popular store sells uniquely delicious green chili chicken rice. The sets includes an entire chicken drumstick, basmati rice, and crunchy koropok. The mildly fried chicken is tender with slightly crispy skin (don’t expect the crispness of ayam penyat) and the overall meal is a delightful balance of sweet savory spicy green and red chili sambal.

They offer self-service soup which had quite a punchy spice flavour. Found it too strong on its own but enjoyed drizzling it onto the plain rice. Do expect a 15-30 min wait and early closure when they run out (they closed at 1pm instead of the stated 1.30pm on the weekend).

📍Green Chili Chicken Rice, 01-09, Sims Vista Market & Food Centre, 49 Sims Pl, Singapore