Once of the best restaurant deals is having Eatigo's 50% off during lunch/dinner timings, so thank you once again for saving my wallet 😆

Half the menu is filled with Korean dishes, while the other half is Chinese/tzichar-style dishes. My friends and I ordered the pork belly (amount of one portion as pictured, $22), beef bulgolgi ($25), kimchi fried rice (pictured, $13.80) and cucumber with beancurd strips salad ($10). Of the lot, I enjoyed the kimchi fried rice and BBQ beef bulgolgi, but they weren't exceptionally fantastic because the fried rice was a little cold and the beef wasn't very flavourful. The pork belly was given in thick cuts, thus it's great for people who love the fats but on hindsight they were tough to chew. The salad was appetising, but the portion was too huge for even 3 people to finish (don't say I've never warn you, it was really a freaking mountain).

Not an impressive restaurant, wouldn't return again.