For our mains, we decided to try out the panko chicken sandwich as it sounded like a really unique dish! The sandwich were basically two slices of toasted ciabatta bread, which actually resembled baguettes. The bread was actually pretty tough so this dish does require some effort (and strong teeth) to eat.

The mainstay of the dish was the breaded chicken cutlet sandwiched between the two slices of bread! It was really thick and it was very crispy - you can definitely hear the crunch each time you take a bite! The chicken cutlet was breaded with panko, together with a small amount of cheese and paprika although we couldn't really taste either of these. The sandwich also includes lettuce and tomatoes! Overall, it was a great dish and the sandwich was pretty filling; it was much larger than it looks in the photo!

We were pretty impressed by the lower-than-average prices at The Clueless Goat as well! The sandwich costs only $9.80 and we were surprised that we could get such a yummy dish at a cafe near town at such prices. Little wonder that they are so popular! 😁