Hence, I was clearly baffled upon receiving my cone as it seemed just like any other milk ice cream.😅 Glad to say that the ice cream exceeded my expectations though 😊 It really did taste distinctly of the white rabbit sweet that i was so fond of as a child! They were also really generous with portion. The charcoal And swirls were huge 😛 The price is only P80 for a plain cone, and P95 with your choice of 1 topping, which comes up to only about $2-$2.50 !

The charcoal cone was really crisp, but had a rather cardboard-y taste to it which I didn't really fancy. Another gripe would be that their menu showed the topping of "matcha" in powder form, but it actually came in the form of matcha condense drizzled onto the ice cream. Not something I would place alot of significance in though, because I still really enjoyed my ice cream😊😋