Left to right:
🍝 Capellini
🥖 Freshly baked bread
🍝 Gnocchi
🍝 Pappardelle
🥧 Tiramisu
Capellini - Angel hair served with Crab Meat and cooked in bisque sauce. This was a very enjoyable dish. Al dente angel hair topped with generous and fresh portion of crab meat. The meat adds sweetness to the overall dish contrasting against the slightly salty and savoury taste of the bisque sauce. Must try!.
Gnocchi - Potato dumpling served with Gorgonzola Cheese Sauce. Love the texture of the Gnocchi! It's soft, smooth and chewy. Overall the taste is considered rather light. It wasn't bland but it doesn't have a very rich and strong cheese taste. Personally I quite enjoyed it but would have prefer a slightly sweeter choice of cheese. The cheese sauce was smooth, light and not flaky.
Pappardelle - Pasta with Pork Leg ragout marinated 7 days in red wine. The pasta itself has a firm texture, tasted abit like Mee hoon Kueh but less smooth.
Very tender slices of pork leg with undertones of red wine. Fans of red wine will enjoy this dish. The sauce itself seems to be a light creamy tomato sauce.

Tiramisu - a perfect balance of cream, alcohol and coffee. Some Tiramisu could be overpowering in either aspect but not this. The cream is light and yet sweet and creamy with light notes of alcohol and coffee. The texture of the 'cake' is perfect. Although soaked, it still held on to a good texture and wasn't too wet or dry. Definitely must try! Rather pricey for such a small portion but it was sooo good.
📍Burlamacco Ristorante
30 Stanley Street
Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer (DTL)