Decided to checkout this noodle bar in order to leach off of my friend’s burpple premium subscription (ending soon πŸ˜›)

I got the Dry Shredded Chicken Sesame Noodles πŸ”πŸœ for ($10.80 i think). It came w this beautiful tomato soup which was perfectly tangy πŸ…πŸ₯« (tastes like haidilao apparently i wouldn’t know πŸ˜”). The noodles were fresh and springy and the sesame sauce was light and refreshing 🧊🀀.

U can see an extra egg in the picture, that’s because my friend doesn’t like Hanjuku eggs (sacrilege fr 😑) but idm cause he gave it to me (protein gains fam πŸ’ͺ). The egg was a bit over done but it was still yummy πŸ‘.

Towards the end i added some chilli oil and that was bussin as well πŸ‘©β€πŸ³

Overall probably the best sesame noodles i’ve ever had, try it out!

Rating 4.2/5

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