Featured here is the Houjicha Swiss roll, comprising of houjicha cream embedded with azuki beans (fortunately, it was rather insignificant and easily removable here for the anti-azuki me🤭) encased within soft, fluffy layers of houjicha flavoured cake roll. Love how the houjicha cream came with a distinct, aromatic lingering roasted fragrance that was subtle yet pleasant to the palate. Cake roll was a little dry for my liking when eaten in silo, but the substantial amount of smooth houjicha cream was a good complement and compensation for that! 👍🏻 The matcha chocolate was served with 2 slices by default but the staff was really kind to offer a slice to me on the house as she mentioned that one of the slice wasn’t slice to perfection and hence she would not wish to serve it (kudos to such awesome service in Japan where presentation plays a significant role to customer satisfaction! 👍🏻💯). Comprising of a fluffy chocolate sponge beneath smooth, luscious matcha cream and a top layer of matcha chocolate ganache, the matcha flavour here is rather subtle, which might not be an ideal one for hardcore matchaholics. Fortunately it was not too sweet or milky and I am still impressed with how light & smooth the matcha cream is, couple with the soft, fluffy chocolate sponge that makes it a perfect, easy-on-the-waistline teatime treat! 💚 Also exclusive to the take-home confection here is the Matcha cream Daifuku (yasss to NO RED BEANS), comprising of a thin layer of chewy mochi skin enveloping a core of smooth, creamy and thick matcha paste fillings and fresh cream. Though the matcha flavour wasn’t really intense as I had expected it to be, there was no cloying factor (perhaps due to the absence of azuki as well 😉) which I certainly enjoyed! 😋