Last month, I had the a pleasant surprise while dinning at this nondescript restaurant. From the excellent environment and keen service, I felt my needs were taken care of.

We started off with their crispy pork crackling which comes served with a salsa mix of sarsiado & guindilla peppers. Their crackling was prepared well with a crispiness that I would describe as light and non-dense. I believed that much prepared with much care from the choice of skin till drying it. Its non greasy taste also supposed the fact that it was probably baked or air-fried. (*me trying to justify my unhealthy choice)

We decided to order the Meadsmoore cut which consists of 3 different cuts of Australian 2GR Wagyu beef. We like the fact that we were able to try out different cuts of meat without over-ordering. It was enough for me and my fiancée. The meat was well executed with a nice layer of salt to bring out the natural flavour of the meat cut without being overwhelmingly salty.

I must also point out that the restaurant puts much care into ensuring that the customer have a good dining experience from the provision of small individual sachets of mouth wash made available next to the basin.

We will make our way back here again if we are around the area and treat ourself to a good steak meal!