“The ice-cream isn't that nice lah. It's just damn Instagrammable.”
— a dude with his friends

He really wasn't lying though, despite it being a common yet unspoken sentiment. The vibrant and shapely presentation, coupled with the dramatic smoke show from subliming dry ice beneath the softserve, is absolutely stunning and photogenic. It's a feast for the eyes that is best witnessed in person. I 100% mean it when I say digital visuals don't do it justice.

The taste is passable thankfully - characterisitc flavours of chocolate and matcha were present, though neutral at best. If you're hopping from café to café around JB, consider sharing this. Otherwise, nothing wrong with having it all for yourself!

This comes in three different flavours - Chocolate, Matcha and French Vanilla. I would tell you to choose your flavour carefully, but I mean…you could get all three. I would have done that, but I had lunch before dropping by. 😩 (6.5/10)