I got what seems to be a million dollar shot of my lunch the other day! 😱 Went over to Golden Mile Food Complex for lunch because there’s just practically no good, affordable, halal eats in the area where I work.

This Nasi Goreng Ayam was actually pretty good! The lovable salty flavour was present in modest amount, and the crispy fried chicken came with fritters that were reminiscent of the ones you’d get on Goreng Pisang. Like…HELLO!!! Can you say shiok?!?! 😍 I’d come back in a heartbeat for this if my lunch hours lasted for hours!

Also, I don’t fully recall the name of the stall, but I did remember seeing “Nurhidayat” in the name. If anyone ever finds it, please let me know in the comments! Would love that for me and other Burpplers! 🤣🤙🏽