This reminds me of something like Yoogane. As Ying and I were still pretty full, we decided to just order the one without meat. One thing to note, they require you to have a minimum of 2 orders (the same as Yoogane) for meat orders. They only have like 4-5 meats selections, not many to choose from.

This is the rice cake set, which consists of rice cakes, fish cakes, eggs, ramyeon and the vegetables.
It was super super spicy, GOSH.

I kept drinking water and spamming pickled radish (this helps to reduce the spiciness in your mouth, so learn okay!) But I would rather go for Yoogane over this, because Yoogane has my favourite sweet potato rice cake (Goguma ddoeboeki) :P
Oh BTW, this is situated at Johor Bahru, City Square Mall, Level 3! 🌝