[Hakka Thunder Tea Rice]
Have seen and heard about this famous Thunder Tea Rice at Tanglin Halt Food Market, and only finally got to try it recently! Do be prepared to wait for a really long time though, the queue is pretty long esp during lunch time!

Thunder Tea Rice ($4 White Rice / $4.50 for Brown Rice)
Their Thunder Tea Rice comes with a lot of ingredients in a bowl, and you also get to add Yong Tau Foo (each pc $1) to the bowl. I added on 1 Meat Ball and 1 mushroom, which was really not bad!

Let's start with the Thunder Tea Rice - with so much ingredients in the bowl, and especially with the crunch from ikan bilis and peanuts, there'll be a lot going on, and you'll start to realise the bowl seems to be never-ending. Certainly a huge portion, and I enjoyed pairing with the chilli/ sweet sauce (self-service).

Really recommend getting their YTF, which they were constantly frying, so you know it's freshly made. The meatball was crispy on the outside, and the meat was really juicy and flavourful! The mushroom also had a strong fragrant mushroom flavour you don't get in all mushrooms, so was pretty enjoyable!

Altho I'm not exactly a fan of the Thunder Tea (green bowl), I still managed to finish ¾ of it (surprisingly). I'd say it's acquired taste - pretty Herby and minty, but I found myself not disliking it as much as I used to.

Possibly one of the better (or best thus far) thunder tea rice I've eaten so it's pretty much worth a try!

Address: 3A Commonwealth Dr, #01-31 Tanglin Halt Food Centre, Singapore 141001

Overall Rating: 8/10