I for didn’t know there was unlimited sides till after the meal. Don’t make that mistake. Harness your inner Singaporean and take as much Ikan bilis, tofu, ikan bilis, unknown potato and kimchi as you can. No I did not stutter. Take the ikan bilis which taste surprisingly nice, almost like it just swam in msg water and got cooked immediately.

Jajangmyeon was delicious. I mean it’s just black bean sauce with ultra thick pro max Maggie mee noodles. Lots of cucumber for color contrast. I mean I have no idea why cucumber though.

Had the seafood pancake too because the original pancake was out of stock. Remember waiting for some time before the pancake arrive. Properly because either they were still fishing for my seafood to keep it as fresh as possible or the kitchen is still in the Joseon era and they are still gathering fire wood to keep the stove burning. But ultimately the pancake was worth the wait and it was huge. Almost like a medium seafood pizza just that instead of cheese they put Korean spices.

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