Flavourful and juicy burgers can be found here 😍 and to make the deal even better, these can be enjoyed 1-for-1 with Burpple!

YW got The Armoury Burger and I got the Swiss Mushroom Burger. Both came with double wagyu patty and woah, the flavour and meat texture were simply amazing! To quote YW, he likes the burger and thinks it's one of the best that we have ever eaten in SG because he can taste the meat.

We both topped up $2 and upgraded our fries to onion ring and sweet potato fries. Personally I enjoyed the sweet potato fries more. Most important factor being that it wasn't soggy and oily. Secondly, I could taste the sweet potato. Lastly, it remained delicious even after I finished my burger.

The only downside of our experience here was that we waited for nearly an hour before the food was served. So make sure to head down to the restaurant before the dinner crowd comes!

Tip: if you are afraid of lizards, do consider making reservation for indoor seats instead 😉 a baby lizard crawled onto YW and we were seated near the walls