Say YES to Foie Gras and Wagyu beef for Mookata!
168 Mookata, located at 43 Cambridge Road, is a newly opened Mookata in Singapore, run by a former chef from Flutes at National Museum Singapore. They offer really generous portion and quality Mookata ingredients at affordable prices.

Their Mookata was served with homemade chicken broth which was great to enjoy without feeling thirsty. I had their Jumbo Meat Platter which comes with 1kg worth of variety of meat, plenty of sides and vegetables, for ONLY $39.90. This platter is suitable for 4 to 5 pax, so each person will only pay $10 or less?!

Note: They also serves smaller portion platter (670g meat), so suitable for you to come by with your date or girlie friend to enjoy too. If you fon't fancy platters, you can go Ala Carte. Their extensive ingredients are really affordable as well.

Meats are freshly marinated daily, prepared upon order. They serve 2 types of sauce dip for our juicy grilled meat: Signature Thai dipping sauce, Assam and Chilli sauce.🤤 Apart from pork, chicken and sliced beef, 168 Mookata also serves tender, richly marbled Wagyu Striploin and Wagyu Ribeye. Mjouth-watering robust flavour. GOTTA ALSO TRY their Premium Foie Gras, ONLY $5.90 per piece. I thought it'll be a thin small piece since it's Premium ingredient, but it's THICK. What a steal and so far really can't find any other Mookata places serving Foie Gras! No gamey taste but really fragrant and creamy. Strongly recommend if you love Foie Gras! Go up your Mookata game! Over all, good service, food and peaceful environment among the HDBs.